Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Here Again

Well, I am in Texas, and was looking at all the blogs. I don't remember how to bring in pictures yet but I am attempting an update. It was so great reading all of the things going on at home and in Arizona. I sure love our family. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and extended families. We have been in Texas for a Mannatech meeting for the past week. We will be going home on Tuesday. It has been a great week but still tiring being in meetings all day. Troy got in last night for a two day meeting and it was great seeing him. There was a storm so they had to turn his plane around and land in Oklahoma and wait on the runway until the weather cleared up. He was four hours late but made it safely. We were so excited to get our latest grandson, Jeb. He sure is a cutie. And, now, that grandma of many is growing. Heather is due in November (maybe on my birtday again like Kaylee) and Jodi is expecting in February but since she goes over a lot, maybe another birthday on hers and Grandpa Great's. Wouldn't that be exciting. We sure are looking forward to the next two. God is good! Of coure, that means are number will grow to 32 grandchildren. Well, once again, thanks for all the posts and keeping all of us update. I love to look at them and see the wonderful pictures and the great posts. Love, Grandma of Many, Mom, Aunt, Wife, and Sister, Dottie