Thursday, December 4, 2008

Missing My Mother

Here it is this time of year again when I am reminded of how long it has been since I have got to hug my mother and tell her how much I love her. God gave me and my siblings the best mother in the world. She was always there for you and you could depend on her to pray for you and your children and your grandchildren and your spouse every single day. She was such a prayer warrior and such a lover of the Word. She loved Jesus with all her heart, mind and soul. She also loved my Dad the same way and each member of her family. She was a Proverbs 31 Mother! Her children called her blessed! Oh, Mother, how much I miss you. I wish you could hug all your new grandchildren. You would be so amazed at them. I wish to honor you in this post and to let others know how wonderful you were. I want all your grandchildren to know you. The ones that got to see you on this earth were blessed and the rest will see you in the Kingdom. Just know, that you and Dad started a great legacy and you will never be forgotten. I've continued on with praying for each family member just as I knew you did. I pray that your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will continue to be godly examples and a light on a hill. Thank you for being my mother! Love, your daughter, Dottie