Friday, August 24, 2007

Ken & Dottie with 25 of the Grandchildren a few years ago..


Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

Yep..great pic of your grandchildren but I think you need one with 4 more kids added "Grin" and soon to be 5 in April. Love you and all your grandchildren. You are the best... Ginger

PS: Your blog site is really developing nicely. Can't wait for more updates and pics.

Ginger said... forgot to add Sheri Babe, Jennifer, Heather, Joshua, Justin, Emily and Jason to your blog list "Grin".

The Goldman Family said...

Yes, that was a few years ago...there are more kido's now!!
Will sure had fun with you and Jonathan today after the fish hatchery, thanks for taking them. That helped Jodi and I out a lot! And no one drowned too...that's always really good :)

Nikki said...

Hi Dottie, your site is great. Wow you and Ken look fantastic, like you have been kept in a time machine or something! I am so glad that you all started these blogs. What a wonderful way to get re-aquainted! Please keep in touch!
Love, Nikki

Emma Kruse said...

I remember when we took that picture. We had a lot of fun at that park.

love you,


Ellie Anderson said...

Hey Grandma,
I saw your comment on my blog thanks for it. love you

Esther Hope said...

Wen are you going to post. Love you. Esther

Anonymous said...

That sure is a cute picture grandma. Leave a comment on my blog HeeHee.

Love ya.