Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My New Blog

Thank you Kenny for setting me up a blog. I pray that I can glorify God on this blog and show what an inheritance God has given us. Since my blog is "Grandma of Many" I will be introducing soon my 30 grandchildren. We just had our 29th a few weeks ago and now we have number 30 due in April.


Ellie Anderson said...

Wow Grandma you have a blog awesome.
I em the first one to post on your blog. love you bye.

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks Ellie - I was wondering who was going to be the first one. You won!!! Yeah!


Grandma Dot

Esther Hope said...

Wow that is a pretty blog Grandma. I love you and your blog. You have yellow like my blog. God bless you.
Love Esther

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks Esther - is yellow your favorite color also? God Bless you and have a great day.

Grandma Dot

Troy Anderson said...

Hello Mother,

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

You are the "Grandma of Many", but if it wasn't for the few "your four children" you wouldn't have the "many."

I love you...and although you are a great are the best MOM!


John said...

Hi Dottie: Wow. I'll bet your blog will be the most watched one ever! No pressure, of course! I'm sure you can work in blogging time with everything else you have to do. Ellie won? I wanted to win. Next time Ellie!!!!

Devin said...

Grandma!!! Your blog is awesome, wonderful, excellent, amazing, and first rate. I love it. Can’t wait to see your future posts. Love ya,

Destiny said...

That is sooooooo cool that you got a blog!!! Love you:)

Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

congratulations grandma on the new blog. love ya!

Emma Kruse said...

That is soooo cool that you got a blog. Can't wait in till you post new thing's. You are the best Grandma ever.

love you,


King David said...

I love your blog! It's so awesome because now you are in the blogging family :-D

I am really looking forward to all the new posts that will make this blog COME TO LIFE!!!

Your GRANDson,

Vickie said...

Wow Dottie I am so happy to see that you have a blog. I think it is so much fun and then we can find out what every one has been doing. Thanks for coming over and picking up Jared. He was quite the worker today and also you got to hear him read. I love that I get to spend time with Levi and Jared in helping with school work. They are so fun to be around and as Dad always said kids keep you young. Welcome to the blogging world and keep on posting...Vickie

Ginger said...

Dottie my sweet finally made it to the blogging world...YEAH! It is fun seeing what everyone is doing. First and foremost congrats on being the Grandma of Many. Hey what about my little bird? Too cool of a blog name!!!

Lindsay and I had so much fun antiquing today and eating at a Tea House. Wish you could have joined us...we shopped til we dropped and bought til we ran out of $$$ "Grin". She bought a few dolls, I bought one and so on.....

I did meet a woman in one of the stores and told her of your 30 gks. She laughed and said she had you beat..She has 50. Go figure that someone beat you; but the ratio is in your favor as she had 13 children and you only had 4.

Kolten Anderson said...

I think it is so neat, cool, and awesome, that you have got a blog. I can't wait to see you again because you are inspiring, giving, and pretty:)
Love your grandson,

The Goldman Family said...

The greatest Grandma Dot and absolute best mother in the world has the prettiest blog...just like her! This is so neat that you have a blog now. You are so great to post, encourage and love your grandkids on their's been a real blessings. And all in your free time! Now they can post on yours too. I love you tons! Thanks for the vitamins and the money for lunch yesterday. I LOVE YOU MOST

Karissa Anderson said...

Hurray!!!! Grandma has a blog,
That is so cool. I can't wait for more posts. Love you most.